letter to Marty

12:54 AM
hello, mate! how are you there?
well, it feels awkward.
my heart was broken when I opened your page and saw people on your wall writing about you, about what happened. Tears just couldnt stop streaming down my face.
I dont really know what actually happened to you, because nobody told me. I dont wanna ask further because I know your family is not ready to tell everyone yet.
I miss you.
my heart was broken into pieces when I knew you were gone. you were my international BEST mate! I cant believe you were gone too soon.
well, we'd never got a chance to meet, but I feel like I was really close to you.
I still remember the things that we've been through. LOT.
us spying on Adam, us fighting over Westlife, and all the things.
we went through the pain and happiness together, we shared our stories.
I remember the first time I knew you, you were in Paris on a vacation. I added you, than you wrote on my wall said thanks for adding you. since then, we talked, became friends, and became best friends.
You planned to visit me in Indonesia this year, and I planned to visit you in the UK.
You planned to marry Pixie Lott, and I planned to marry Tom Fletcher.
WE planned to make a private concert when I become an ambassador and YOU become a prime minister.
we planned so many crazy things.
I taught you Indonesian, you taught me Greek.
you said you were my Marty-man, and I was your Indonesian beauty. weirdo! :p
Well, I cannot write all the moments we had cause it would take forever just to write those moments I dont wanna lose.
do you know?! I have met Westlife! I had always told you how bad I wanted to meet them. and you know what's the best thing? Pixie Lott and Westlife will be on the same stage! HAHA I know you'd hated this. If only...
It's kinda ironic that I dont have a chance to tell you.
People might think I'm stupid to be this sad. I mean, I never even met you in real life. I try to ignore them. I dont care.
remember our convo about being young forever? Well, it happens to you. you were gone in a very young age. It makes you forever young. Happy, huh?

Thanks for the laugh, for the memories, for your understanding, for everything!
I will not say goodbye to you, cause it's just not a proper word. There's no goodbyes.
Sleep tight, Marty-man! x

remember our song.
"stop there and let me correct it, I wanna live a life from a new perspective.
you come along because I love you face and I'll admire your expensive taste~"
Panic! at the Disco - New Perspective

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